April 8, 2007

Content bridge saves time and adds convenience

Relaunch of BRAVOSport.de with cmsWorks 2.0

Today the well known Bauer Verlag publication BRAVOSport relaunched their online portal www.BRAVOSport.de with a new look and based on a new content management solution: cmsWorks 2.0. Users will notice new features like picture and video shows. The technologocial basis is provided by itechWorks, most of the sport content will be delivered by SPOX.com using the "content bridge technology"

cmsWorks support strategic partnership between Bauer Verlag and SPOX.com

Design and structure of the relaunched portal have been developed in partnership with SPOX.com. Under the hood the content management solution cmsWorks handles reliable data exchange and fast delivery. BRAVOSport.de gets most of its sports news from SPOX.com. In a fully automated manner content shows up on BRAVOSport.de as soon as it released on SPOX.com without compromising the content-related choice and flexibility of the editorial team of BRAVOSport.de.

The challenge with BRAVOSport was the almost simultaneous publication of content on both sites. We created processes and software for instantaneous export and direct import of XML data. Source is SPOX target is BRAVOSport by Bauer-Verlag.

Kai Kromat, General Manager Auto & Jugend of Bauer Digital KG is deeply contented: "The new face of BRAVOSport.de with its strong pictures, modern design and latest content represent what we think how thrilling sport infotainment should be. Our focus was on intuitive user  guidance and maximum entertainment".

BRAVOSport.de run with cmsWorks 2.0 and the new web-based Ajax editorial desktop. The editorial staff was able to work with the system after only half a day of training.