July 18, 2007

Atrada chimes with itechWorks

Get in the groove with Atrada

itechWorks continues to support Atrada AG Nürnberg with Germany's biggest B2C internet music download portal. For now more than 1.5 year we support our partners to further develop the portal. Now a continuation has been signed.

itechWorks tasks include implementation support for the music download portal, visual and technical relaunch, improved search features. Many Ajax features were implements by itechWorks.

Current tasks are the enhancement of the shopping-module and search engine, user interface development, testing, quality assurance and release management. ItechWorks also helped enhancing the DRM (digital rights management).

itechWorks experience and high customer satisfaction made it easy for Musicload to prolong the contract. In a nutshell: Atrada  chimes with itechWorks and continues doing so.