Company News 07/10

dapd is reinventing itself with the content managment system cmsWorks BE

July 1, 2010

The news agencies ddp / dapd merged to the full service news provider dapd. The implementation and technology behind the pages of the news agency dapd is provided by itechWorks. The dapd portal is powered by the content management system cmsWorks invented by itechWorks. 

CMS cmsWorks 3.1 runs video content on

June 16, 2010

cmsWorks, the Content Management System created by itechWorks, now also serves premium video content for digital channels. 

More efficient working and searching: The CMS cmsWorks 3.1

June 8, 2010

cmsWorks 3.1 is here. The successful Content Management System created by itechWorks was just released in the new version that shows much passion for detail. 

itechWorks presents cacheWorks 3.0

May 20, 2010

After three years of development itechWorks presents the latest version of its intelligent caching solution cacheWorks 3.0 

itechWorks Munich moves to larger offices

March 1, 2010

On 1.3.2010 itechWorks moves the Munich office to gain more office space because of the positive business development. Additional space was necessary for new employees that will work for new projects and clients in 2010. 

Soccer by - technology by itechWorks

August 18, 2009

A huge task for a huge soccer brand was accomplished by itechWorks with the cmsWorks Content Management System: The internet portal launched on August 18, 2009 

Personalization And Performance: cmsWorks 3.0

August 10, 2009

The new Enterprise Content Management System cmsWorks 3 offers more functionality while using less ressources. It now comes with many - smal and huge - improvements. 

topasWorks Application Server Version 4.0 released

August 3, 2009

Since 2002 itechWorks develops the topasWorks Application Server. From the start topasWorks had unique features combined with stability and speed that are unmatched to the present day. Version 4.0, released as of today, again comes with new functions and improvements. 

cmsWorks for SMB is awarded in "Mittelstandsliste"

March 28, 2009

cmsWorks, the content management system for big portals, is suitable especially for medium-sized businesses, as well. The correspondent initiative awarded the cmsWorks SMB package an INNOVATION PRODUCT of high quality. 

Two-year-extension of technological partnership with

January 14, 2009

Since the launch in 2007 is advised by itechWorks on any technological issues. From that time on has developed from a little startup to a serious competitor for other sports portals battling for market leadership. It is due to itechWorks that technology and most of all the editorial part of has kept up with this rapid development. That is a major reason why the Media GmbH has prolonged the IT service contract with itechWorks for two more years. 

Atrada moves on with itechWorks as partner

December 12, 2008

The collaboration between itechWorks and the B2C-portal development department from Atrada AG, germany, is heading for a third year. Our customer and partner renews his service contract and so proves utter satisfaction and trust. changes to cmsWorks 2.2

October 13, 2008

MünchenSL, the private community project in the virtual world of Second Life, can found under The web presence especially the event guide has been manually updated so far. The change to cmsWorks gives the team behind MünchenSL the possibility to save a lot of time and much more beyond. 

cmsWorks 2.2 out now with many new features

August 4, 2008

itechWorks introduces version 2.2 of the content management system cmsWorks. The most important new feature: workgroup support of the Editor Desktop. relaunch with cmsWorks 2.1

May 2, 2008

The "web professionals" of itechWorks will restructure the technological basis of the four pillar family portal Following the start of the family network and magazine in November 2007 with phase one itechWorks now implements the second step based on a strong editorial staff backed by the Content Management System cmsWorks. 

itechWorks among the most successful New-Media-Service companies in Germany

April 24, 2008

In 2007 itechWorks made it to the top 200 most successful New-Media-Service companies in Germany. 

Relaunch of with cmsWorks 2.0

April 8, 2007

Today the well known Bauer Verlag publication BRAVOSport relaunched their online portal with a new look and based on a new content management solution: cmsWorks 2.0. Users will notice new features like picture and video shows. The technologocial basis is provided by itechWorks, most of the sport content will be delivered by using the "content bridge technology" 

Introduction of next generation cmsWorks content management system

March 17, 2008

The new version 2.0 of cmsWorks comes with many important features including a groundbreaking new editorial interface that makes daily tasks of producers and editors much easier and more efficient. 

itechWorks and worldweb lift partnership to a higher level

February 11, 2008

Content management systems developers itechWorks and community software developers worldweb ( agreed on a even closer partnership. itechWorks' content management solution if optimized for high traffic, content driven internet portals. worldweb offers a suit of interactive web2.0 community tools. 

itechWorks moves Munich office

January 16, 2008

itechWorks founded 1996 in Passau opened a Munich office in 2007. Being close to our customers is invaluable in particular in time-critical projects. Moreover we are happy to announce that we welcome two excellent Java developers and a marketing professional to the Munich team. 

Only 2.5 months to create the new sports portal

September 14, 2007

Germany's latest sport portal launched today on September 14th. The site which is funded in part by pay TV station Premiere wins with unusual, visually stunning layout and latest web 2.0 concepts. Therefore management relies on an experienced editorial team. 

Get in the groove with Atrada

July 18, 2007

itechWorks continues to support Atrada AG Nürnberg with Germany's biggest B2C internet music download portal. For now more than 1.5 year we support our partners to further develop the portal. Now a continuation has been signed. 

Ambitious goals with

July 2, 2007

SPOX Media GmbH mandated itechWorks to plan and create the technological basis and content management system for the upcoming sports portal 

topasWorks goes IDE

February 5, 2007

itechWorks presents the new major release of its SOA application server topasWorks in beta. topasWorks 3.0 beta comes with many new features.