Content Delivery Enhancement

Reliable delivery 24 x 7 x 52

Prompt delivery of content is taken for granted by today's internet users. Even the smallest interrupt leads to annoyance. In a world where the competition is just a mouse click away sites have to stay online, always.

Modern websites typically have complex structures and many dynamic components, pulled together from a large numbers of sources. All this adds to instability and enhances the risk of overall failure.

And during times of maintenance of servers and subsystems it is almost impossible to stay "always on".

Problem and solution - your site stays online

cacheWorks is the solution that keeps your site online. It is placed between front row servers (e.g. Apache, IIS) and content creation servers (e.g. CGI-servers, ASP/JSP containers like Tomcat or simply Content Management Systems like cmsWorks). cacheWorks makes sure that even in case of a complete breakdown of the content creating systems your site is still available to the users. This is done by caching and monitoring.

Simple configuration, zero administration

cacheWorks can work with any number of generators and content creating systems. Because of its service oriented architecture performance can scale in a linear way. Additional systems can be included just by adding new services and servers. This can be done without stopping or even interrupting the running services. Each cacheWorks service can be configured independently.

CacheWorks knows different modes of delivery. That even can self-detect the outage of generators and then switch to static delivery. The site is "always on". So Users can continue to use the site.

Scaling and fail saving applications

cacheWorks scales requests for the generators while forwarding only a preset maximum number. "load balancing" is realized through all levels from URL to generators. Hereby it is possible to connect any number of generators, CMS, communities and shops to cacheWorks and the system is intelligently allocating requests. Configuration and rule-sets for this process can be changed and updates at runtime without any interruption. All this is happening invisible to users.

For many years now cacheWorks helps our customers to improve performance and user experience while reducing costs for hardware and maintenance. You can easily optimize more than 2 million page impressions per day with only one cacheWorks server.

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