August 3, 2009

topasWorks goes 64bit

topasWorks Application Server Version 4.0 released

Since 2002 itechWorks develops the topasWorks Application Server. From the start topasWorks had unique features combined with stability and speed that are unmatched to the present day. Version 4.0, released as of today, again comes with new functions and improvements.

topasWorks is an Application Server based on Java and JEE-technologies. It makes it easy to apply service oriented principles to ordinary programming right from the start.

topasWorks 4.0 was tested thoroughly to run with the latest JDK / JEE environment on 64bit architectures. Thus it is able to make ful use of todays fastest hardware.

JavaDB was added to the list of fully integrated and embedded database servers. Authentication with LDAP and Kerberos is now included in the topasWorks kernel. An internal FTP server makes it now even possible to deploy new services without any additional software.

The improved JSP container now supports Java Nonblocking IO request and responses. This is important for applications like Google Wave that ought to handle a huge number of concurrent connections.

From Version 1.0 topasWorks perfectly fits business critical applications that have to be "always on". It's unique "hot deploy" and "hot redeploy" function do allow parts of the program to be replaced during run-time, the topasWorks redeploy mechanisms are far more advanced than reloading of so called EARs or WARs, because deployment dependencies are analyzed on byte code level. The topasWorks Enterprise Service Bus ensures that communication between services is both easy to implement and reliable.

Despite our customers using topasWorks, our Content Management System cmsWorks and the Content Delivery Enhancement Solution cacheWorks are based on the superior features of topasWorks, too.

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