August 4, 2008

Even better for big editorial teams

cmsWorks 2.2 out now with many new features

itechWorks introduces version 2.2 of the content management system cmsWorks. The most important new feature: workgroup support of the Editor Desktop.


It is time for big editorial online teams to benefit even more from cmsWorks. The just introduced version 2.2 of the content management system offers many new collaboration features. The editors are connected with each other in a more efficient way, even if they are regionally spread.

Windows-Feeling im Web-Browser: Der einzigartige cmsWorks 2.2 Redaktions-Desktop jetzt mit praktischen Workgroup-Funktionen.

Designed for big editorial online teams cmsWorks had already managed the reliable simultaneous access to content. A multilevel rights- and workflow model supports the editors in working smoothly hand in hand. Now with an integrated instant messenger also regionally wide spread editors can communicate easily. Above all this kind of coordination is essential with time-critical live coverage.

More important features introduced in version 2.2:

  • extended SEO support
  • extended pixel support for range calculation, campaign-tracking
  • extended RSS-functionality with reduced strain of hardware
  • slide show and video show now with "similar images/movies"-feature
  • improved automated image scaling, incl. updating of available images
  • new searching possibilities with reduced strain of hardware
  • new component modules for articles (et al. tag-cloud/keyword-box)
  • many additional short keys for the Editor Desktop
  • additional copy-and-paste features for the Editor Desktop
  • easier linking within texts in the WYSIWG-editor
  • new module: configurable top-10-component

Beyond that additional mechanisms for performance and quality control are integrated that keep on improving the security of the whole system.