May 20, 2010

Content Delivery Enhancement redefined

itechWorks presents cacheWorks 3.0

After three years of development itechWorks presents the latest version of its intelligent caching solution cacheWorks 3.0

cacheWorks 3.0 is a software that is able to improve reliability, response time and speed of most content management systems (CMS) regardless of vendor or programming language. cacheWorks 3.0 does this using several different strategies and delivery modes. The software automatically detects CMS problems and switches from dynamic delivery to partly dynamic delivery or complete static delivery. The site is “always on”. Moreover, cmsWorks can combine and handle many different content sources.

cacheWorks 3.0 comes with many new functions and improvements. Hardware usage has been reduced while compatibility with third party systems like load balancers and content management systems has been further improved. cacheWorks 3.0 now can dynamically change its configuration based on status messages from the CMS. This is how cmsWorks keeps most of the delivery workload away from the content management, ensuring its stability and overall performance.

cacheWorks 3.0 is not just a “caching proxy”, but an intelligent Content Delivery Enhancement solution able to protect your CMS investments by stabilizing and enhancing existing systems.

For more information about cacheWorks 3.0 please see the product page.