June 8, 2010

Better interface and more convenient working: cmsWorks 3.1

More efficient working and searching: The CMS cmsWorks 3.1

cmsWorks 3.1 is here. The successful Content Management System created by itechWorks was just released in the new version that shows much passion for detail.

The recent version 3.0 of the Content Management System was already a milestone in terms of the personalized desktop, over-all system performance and rights management. Further improvements - small but powerful  - and extensions make the now released cmsWorks 3.1 even more attractive to a broader user base.

“Content is king” and the staff benefits from more efficient working

From the beginning cmsWorks was created and optimized for the convenience of designers, advertisers and editorial workers. cmsWorks 3.1 now provides consistent improvements in terms of usability and extensibility of backend and content delivery. On one hand the built-in search engine has become even more capable while configuration was simplified. Search results now can automatically link content together. On the other hand the usability of the cmsDesktop was further improved by providing useful tools. Now the Content Management System has a personalized history so editors have full control of where they created or changed content items just moments before – and can go back with just one click.

Speed and recognition

The Editors Desktop, the unique user interface of cmsWorks that is programmed solely in HTML and JavaScript, learned new methods that make execution even more efficient and faster. The interface was optimized for usability and a more compact use of space on the screen. Everybody who is used to graphical user interfaces like Windows 7 will recognize many tools and functions and thus will start creating content with almost no training time. In addition a new feature called “fast thumbnail preview” conveniently shows small images of pages and elements as mouse-over effect.


The Content Management System cmsWorks 3.1 with all its functions and enhancements is now available to customers and interested companies.