June 8, 2010

Better interface and more convenient working: cmsWorks 3.1

More efficient working and searching: The CMS cmsWorks 3.1

cmsWorks 3.1 is here. The successful Content Management System created by itechWorks was just released in the new version that shows much passion for detail.

Fast facts cmsWorks 3.1:

  • The interface was optimized for usability and a more compact use of space. Furthermore, people knowing GUIs like Windows 7 can start immediately.
  • Technological improvements using “lazy evaluation” made the user interface even faster.
  • “fast thumbnail preview” shows small previews of pages and elements without the need to open them first
  • A new history feature for directories helps utilizing the cmsWorks Explorer
  • The new capabilities of the internal search features combine content in a complete new manner.
  • cmsWorks proves that a General Purpose CMS does not need to be complicated to handle, moreover it is a system that is able to provide the best solution to nearly all kinds of requirements.