July 1, 2010

Portal dapd.de powerd by cmsWorks BE

dapd is reinventing itself with the content managment system cmsWorks BE

The news agencies ddp / dapd merged to the full service news provider dapd. The implementation and technology behind the pages of the news agency dapd is provided by itechWorks. The dapd portal is powered by the content management system cmsWorks invented by itechWorks.

By using the "general purpose CMS" cmsWorks dapd can easily collect all informations about the news agency dapd itself, their press releases, locations, contact information and press materials. As well, latest news and pictures from a variety of services get imported fully automatically and show up on the mainpage in realtime.

For the first time ever, under the hood of the dapd portal, a complete content suite is ensuring multiple workflows: Ranging from import of news articles and pictures, going further to sorting and categorizing the news, up to the sorted output and various search options, all important features are available "out of the box". A permission based organisation of the content structure and seperation of closed and public customer areas complete the functional package. The name of the technology making all this possible: The content management system cmsWorks by itechWorks.

Simultaneously with the beginning of today's dapd press conference scheduled at 11:00, the new portal dapd.de was launched and made public available. The portal was designed in such manner, that it can easily and flexibly be adapted for future requirements. Overviews, product launches and videos can be integrated, expanded and maintained in the most simple manner.

Besides providing the content management system, the complete technical implementation and infrastructure of the new portal is provided by itechWorks also.