Product overview

The itechWorks software suite

Years of experience, a close and confident partnership with our customers combined with continuous research for innovative solutions carried us were we are today. We deliver often - complex - software and services to our customers which - simply - fit their needs.

Your Content - Our Solution

Scalability, a standardized programming interface, easy administration and next generation AJAX desktop for editors 

Reachability is essential

cacheWorks scales and reduces the load on servers. (Un)planned downtimes can be bypassed manually or automatically 

Server technology at its best

A 100% service orientated server architecture facilitates development to deliver rock-solid platforms and solutions 

Proven. Reliable. Innovative.

In particular working in highly complex environments with ever changing requirements shaped our company and our products. All our products are optimized for reliability, high performance and "ease of use" in all aspects of the software lifecycle: While operating, adminstrating or programming them our products fit together seamlessly and work perfectly right from the shelf.

Integration done easy

Open standards and interfaces to third party systems is an absolute must for all modern IT applications. Our itechWorks software suits meet this requirement to an yet unmatched extent. Each product may be extended to meet customer requirement and for many kinds of application needs turn-key solutions are readily available and configurable.


Please take you time and explore the possibilities or our software solutions . We love to answer your questions.