October 13, 2008

MünchenSL: Virtual city with new, real technology developed by itechWorks

muenchen-sl.de changes to cmsWorks 2.2

MünchenSL, the private community project in the virtual world of Second Life, can found under www.muenchen-sl.de. The web presence especially the event guide has been manually updated so far. The change to cmsWorks gives the team behind MünchenSL the possibility to save a lot of time and much more beyond.

Since 2007 people can inform themselves on the website about life in the 3-dimensional city, even if they don't have a Second Life account. Despite the partly negative press Second Life's popularity has been growing continuously so that today a small team has to look after the organization of the daily events.

Therefore one major requirement was to delegate the maintenance of the pages easily and securely. cmsWorks was chosen because of its fair price, its easy to use interface and its flexible rights- and role model.

The access and maintenance of the pages is now possible without a special client-software and without additional costs for any number of editors. The web-based cmsWorks Desktop allows even unpracticed people an easy and secure maintenance of the pages. The familiar and popular tools (blogger, google calendar, goolge maps, google analytics, flickr, youtube) were intelligently integrated. By changing to cmsWorks some work steps were shortened, e. g. the daily update of the event calendar.

"At the end of the day changing to cmsWorks was not only cheaper than upgrading the authoring software we had used so far.", said Stefan Weiss, CEO of FUTURELAB GmbH that stands behind this project. "We now have far more possibilities. I was very surprised how uncomplicated and easy the implementation worked out. It took only a couple of days."

Today most of the pages of the MünchenSL portal are written in German. Because of cmsWorks the editorial team may soon add more languages such as English, Italian, Turkish, Japanese and Arabic.