March 17, 2008

itechWorks introduces cmsWorks 2.0 with Ajax desktop

Introduction of next generation cmsWorks content management system

The new version 2.0 of cmsWorks comes with many important features including a groundbreaking new editorial interface that makes daily tasks of producers and editors much easier and more efficient.

Web content management for high traffic website

cmsWorks meets highest demands. The four most important features are:

  • flexible document structure for content and design
  • all content is reusable for channels and syndication
  • user friendly and efficient web based desktop for editors
  • save publication of content within seconds, no waiting

Flexible for design, clear document folder structure

cmsWorks makes a clear distinction between design and content. For professionals site this has many benefits:

  • limitless possibilities in design and still efficient workflows and quick input of new content
  • multiuse of content for multi-language sites, mobile content, channels and syndication
  • accessibility based on WCAG 1.0 if needed

Easy & convenient with Ajax desktop for editors

Look and feel of the new editor interface is similar to Windows applications. For editor this have several advantages:

  • no need to install extra software, access the CMS from everywhere
  • drag and drop for quicker work
  • intuitive, easy to learn functionality
  • handy tools that improve editorial teamwork across office borders

Powerful and intuitive: The web-based editorial desktop

The new interface even offers specific technical benefits:

  • no restriction in how many editors can use the system simultaneously
  • easy and quick customization but simply altering HTML, CSS and JS

Rights management and workflow

Even the basic version of cmsWorks comes with a simple yet powerful rights management and publication process in three steps: draft, approval and publication (bringing it "online")

The system prevents editors from accessing and changing documents at the same time. At any given time of the creative process editors and other permitted people can use the preview function (with any browser).

Before new or changed content is brought online all dependencies will be checked. Missing parts or overdue activities will be shown. This is an important part of quality assurance.

Powerful basis, extendable in modules

Low upfront investment and unbeatable operating costs

  • many additional modules are ready available, e.g. for news import, advertising, statistics, SEO, ticker applications
  • open java standards are cheaper in TCO and less dependent then comparable PHP systems
  • quick and easy integration into existing IT- and content structures
  • optimal security through Java, SSL encryption and intelligent data structures

Fair licensing grows as demand grows

There is no such thing as a "light version" - you always get the full performance and flexibility. Nevertheless we offer different license packages appropriate to our customers needs and budgets.

Even the entry level "cmsWorks Basic" can serve up to 1000 documents. That is enough for small to mid sized portals or corporate sites. You can get "cmsWorks Basic" for only 1900 Euros plus VAT (2261 Euros including VAT).

It is possible to upgrade cmsWorks from entry level to multi-server enterprise level just as you need it. May it big or small: You will always get service and software at a price without competition.