Bringing content to the web can be that easy

Content Management for everybody

Most content management systems are just not flexible, easy to handle and yet highly performant at the same time. cmsWorks  brings it all together. And by proving it on a day by day base we make administrators, producers, editorial staff, sales representatives and - of course - users happy. You can easily access and work with cmsWorks using the web-based Ajax Desktop.

Beneficial for all - optimized for complex news portals

Every user of our content management system can be sure that cmsWorks over-achieves modern world's requirements. In particular the needs of high traffic news portals shaped the performance and the features of cmsWorks. Additionally, news portals put the highest demands in terms of flexibility and rapid development on cmsWorks.

Users are raising the bar

Information, shopping, entertainment and feedback are a must-have of today's web 2.0 Internet. Advertising, partnerships and content syndication do their part to raise complexity and flexibility requirements. Of course all this must not impede system performance.

It is self-evident that a successful systems has to meet high requirements in terms of performance for both end-users and editorial staff, including a standard publishing process for bringing news online within seconds.

cmsWorks meets all these requirements and gives proof every day. The system stays fast and cool even under heavy load, this because intelligent data and caching strategies and the underlying Java based SOA platform topasWorks. And if your business grows beyond your wildest expectations, cmsWorks will keep the pace. The system scales in an almost linear way.

Small price huge performance

cmsWorks is a professional content management solution for professional environments. We rely on open Java standards in the back end and pure JavaScript and HTML in the front end. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is amazingly low while the solution is realized much faster and way more secure than systems based on PHP or alike.

cmsWorks' functionality can be extended with modules. Many modules are readily available, thanks to the open Java architecture additional modules can be created fast and easily.

Fair licensing grows as demand grows

There is no such thing as a "light version" - you always get the full performance and flexibility. Nevertheless we offer different license packages appropriate to our customers needs and budgets. Even the entry level cmsWorks Basic packet can serve up to 1000 documents. That is enough for small to midsized portals or corporate sites. You can get cmsWorks Basic for only 1900 Euro plus VAT.

It is possible to upgrade cmsWorks from entry level to multi-server enterprise level just as you need it. May it big or small: You will always get service and software at a price without competition.

Suitable for corporate sites? What about CD, CI, multi language and extensibility?

Of course flexibility, stability and performance is important for corporate sites as well. Our corporate customers expect multi-language support, consistent corporate design and easy administration for subsidiaries and divisions. Enterprise 2.0 elements can be added on demand.

cmsWorks relies on our SOA compliant Java application server topasWorks that blends in your coporeate IT infrastructure. That makes integration with existing systems (e.g. ERP,DMS) and data so easy.

This multi-language / multi-purpose sites of itechWorks run on cmsWorks, of course.

For more info and whitepapers on cmsWorks and the itechWorks software suite please call or send an e-mail to info[at]