Overview of the topasWorks architecture
Overview of the topasWorks architecture

SOA - Application Server with hot re-deploy

topasWorks SOA - Application Server

The application server topasWorks is the universal development basis to match the needs of today's requirements for application and thus applications servers.

Based on Sun's JEE/J2EE technology topasWorks provides standardized services. New services and configuration changes can be added without interruption of running services. Many function are implemented into topasWorks:

  • topas/JDBC - database access (DB-pool) of any JDBC-databases without programming
  • CORBA - integrated Corba-server for access from Java and other programming languages
  • any number of JSP-containers - for any task, can be inserted at runtime
  • topas/search - easy to use, extensible, via internet scalable search engine
  • topas/IO - fast interface between topas servers and external programs
  • Heartbeat - services for clustering of topas servers
  • ChronJob - internal scheduling with web administration
  • "topas hot redeploy" - changes in program logic without stopping the server (24 x 7)
  • HTTP-Server - integrated server for maintenance
  • Telnet-Server - command line interface for maintenance and extension of the system
  • Batch-execution - batch executing of topas command and programs
  • topas/ExtLog - logging server accessible for third party products.
  • topas/ZAK - topasWorks Zero
  • Administration Kit, automatically sends messages in cases of failure and other events
  • ... and many more

All services that run on topasWorks can be started and stopped without any adverse effect to all the other running services. New requirements can be met in a standardized way. The topasWorks application server has been developed with a clear focus on performance and easy extensibility. That is why it is a perfect basis for internal developments of service oriented software of any kind.

This site runs using topasWorks technology, of course.

For more info and whitepapers on topasWorks and the itechWorks software suite please call or send an e-mail to info[at]itechworks.de