September 14, 2007

Sport portal launches with cmsWorks

Only 2.5 months to create the new sports portal

Germany's latest sport portal launched today on September 14th. The site which is funded in part by pay TV station Premiere wins with unusual, visually stunning layout and latest web 2.0 concepts. Therefore management relies on an experienced editorial team.

itechWorks is the leading technological adviser and service partner from the early planning phase. Moreover itechWorks provides software and technology for the new portal.

The responsible task included selection of the Internet service provider, planning of the network and selection of server hardware. But most important itechWorks is the provider of the content management system. To meet the requirements in terms and performance and flexibility we chose cmsWorks 1.5 and cacheWorks 2.1.

cmsWorks the Java based content management system provides the framework for many other buildings blocks of the new portal. That includes challenging task like seamlessly integrating an external community solution by worldweb. Integration means that now the 30-headed editorial team can manage advertising and all other cross-platform issues with the same intuitive web-based interface.

itechWorks will continue to support to grow and enhance the site in 2008, as well.