June 16, 2010

Premium video content for the internet

CMS cmsWorks 3.1 runs video content on snacktv.de

cmsWorks, the Content Management System created by itechWorks, now also serves premium video content for digital channels.

SnackTV Media GmbH, Munich, supplies premium video content to all digital channels on the internet.  The underlying Content Management System cmsWorks is a product of itechWorks who implemented the new functions as well.

The Video-on-Demand Solution SnackTV (www.snacktv.de) delivers videos with news, lifestyle, music, games and more.  Publishers simply integrate SnackTV into their websites. The choice for the underlying Content Management System was not trivial and finally was made for the General Purpose CMS cmsWorks by itechWorks.

In particular the built-in semantic search function of cmsWorks is able to automatically arrange videos in various combinations.  Based on a thoroughly planned document model and the built-in search service of the Content Management System, it is now possible not only to search for text and keywords, but also for logical attributes like licenser and categories.

That way itechWorks was able to develop the new SnackTV Channel within just a few weeks. The output was designed in such a way, that video pages can be customized to fit into the publishers’ pages in terms of colors, fonts, width – and of course – selection of content. Video widgets, that also can be customized and placed on publisher pages, make the service complete.

The Content Management System cmsWorks once more proves that it provides a capable basis for fast development and reliable operation for all kinds of tasks. Now cmsWorks ensures the successful start of the full version of a convincing concept for premium video content on the internet: SnackTV.